offers a wide range of Internet services, including web hosting and server colocation, web development and e-commerce, security and general consulting, and internet access. Please browse our products below. If you are seeking something that is not listed here, there is still a good chance we can provide it for you. Contact us for details.

Hosting Services

Hosting services cover all the different ways you can get your website on the Internet. This includes virtual hosting, dedicated servers, and colocating your server in our datacenter.

We also offer e-mail only hosting if you don't have a website yet, but would like to benefit from our spam-protected e-mail hosting.

Web Development and E-Commerce

Your website reflects a great deal on your company's image. If your site is not professional, people will believe your company is not professional. That is why our expert designers work closely with our customers to create a professional image that accurately reflects the company, based on what the customer has in mind. We specialize in creating sites to exacting customer specifications, and working to ensure the site is just as our customer envisions it. BuildHost also specializes in E-commerce, offering extensive e-commerce integration packages - including osCommerce, Intershop, and Interchange. We can even help promote your site through Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Access

BuildHost provides the highest quality Internet connections for your business or personal use. We are currently offering T1 (1.544 Mb/s, recommended for small business) and T3 (44.736 Mb/s, recommended for larger businesses) pipes, ready to be installed at your office or home office. We also offer custom VPN solutions to meet your Internet needs.

Security Consulting

BuildHost places a great emphasis on the security of our internal servers, and the servers of our customers, but we do not limit our expertise to the networks located at our datacenter. We also perform thorough security analyses for entire networks, including all of the servers, clients, and networking devices. These analyses are rather intensive and include penetration attempts on your network to locate the weaknesses in your security. If you have recently been victim to an attack, we offer post-attack forensic analysis in order to identify the point of entry of the attacker (and help you to prevent it from occurring again) and also provide you with the needed information on the attacker to contact the federal authorities to prosecute the attacker.

General Consulting

Our engineers are experts at installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a wide range of systems, from UNIX, Linux and Windows NT servers, Macintosh systems, office LANs, Cisco networking equipment, Oracle and SQL databases, and more. Whether you require on-site or only remote IT support, our team will be able to serve you. Our extensive knowledge base can tackle virtually any IT project you may be planning.